Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment Ideas

One of the most difficult decisions to make when planning a Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah is what entertainment to have.  What will entertain the young ones, the old ones and what about the middlies??!! It can be completely over whelming.  Over the years, this area has been revolutionised with so many things available on the market, that it is now a bit of a minefield. But our Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment ideas will help you work out what entertainment is right for you and your Simcha… on!

The most common Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment idea is to have is a DJ, band or now very popular is to have a mix of both! DJ Live is very popular where you have a DJ playing music, but with the accompaniment of vocalists & percussionists to complement the music and really help get the party going!   Most common would be to have a singer, saxophonist, violinist and bongo drums. DJs can also be invaluable as they are experienced at working at Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and can advise you on all aspects of entertainment.  Bands are still around but probably not as popular in this sector due to cost.  But many bands have introduced DJ Live which is a more affordable option to a full blown band. And don’t forget silent disco – always fun for guests to be able to have a choice of what music to dance to.

Some hosts give out novelties that might flash, glow, can be held etc. on the dancefloor to add to the fun.  Or another common idea is to have t shirts printed of the Barmitzvah Boy or Batmitzvah girl’s logo for people to wear whilst dancing.

Roaming entertainment is a great Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment Idea for many reasons.  Maybe you are short of space in your venue so mobile entertainment is beneficial, especially for a “stand-up” function, so your guests do not need to move to be entertained! Or maybe you have a “sit-down” simcha and would like roaming entertainment for when your guests are seated.  There are so many types of roaming entertainment suitable for the reception, the meal and even during dancing if you’re having it.  Magicians & caricaturists are popular now and other ideas include mascots, a favourite film or TV character, balloon modellers, stilt walkers, human statues, unicyclists, roller skaters & fake paparazzi. If you are planning a disco, shot people are very popular to help get the adults in the party mood whilst they are on the dancefloor!

Photobooths & selfie mirrors have been around for a long time but still remain a great Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment Idea. Their popularity remains as the photobooth has evolved so much. Gone are the days of small images in poor quality, in the same format with the same backdrop.  Nowadays Photobooths can have green screen technology and you can choose different backdrops, photo format and add ons are also popular including putting the pictures on fridge magnets, in key rings and even on lollipops! If you venue does not have the space for a photobooth there are other things on the market that do the same job and look fantastic, e.g. magic mirrors & selfie pods all provide the same fun entertainment for you and your guests.

Another great Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment Idea, especially for the kids are having games at your function.  These can either be additional entertainment to a traditional Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah party for the reception/meal time or increasingly popular is to have a games party for the children only.   The type of games available is absolutely huge.  Electronic games are very on trend – probably the newest thing is Virtual Reality pods.  But arcade type games, giant iPads, gaming stations etc are most common.  Sports games are also highly liked with football tables, basketball games, air hockey and table tennis being great choices.   More novelty games include surf board rides, bucking broncos and last man standing.  Finally casino games such as roulette and black jack tables are great for the kids and the adults.  You can even brand the “money” to the theme of the night!

Putting on a show is a fabulous Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment Idea and can take many different forms.  The first thing to consider is does the Barmitzvah boy or Batmitzvah girl have a special talent that they would like to showcase at their Simcha? Or maybe the parents do? Or you can get an artiste that could get the child up to perform with them – a football freestyler, dancer, gymnast, rapper etc.  Other options include having a cabaret type show that people watch. Magicians can usually perform magic tricks to the whole room.  Or how about a laser or fire show? Flash mobs that come in and dance or singing waiters that entertain? Comedians are also popular as are celebrity impersonators or even having the real deal.  X Factor & Britain’s Got Talent contestants are always on the circuit!

Cosmetic entertainment has evolved so much in recent years and is another great Bar & Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Idea with so many options out there.  Glitter, sparkles, logos sprayed onto hair, tattoos, intricate hand art, face painting, henna, hair braiding etc. This type of entertainment can be roaming or fixed.

How about having some other activities available for your guests to watch or to do themselves.  Graffiti caps spray painted on the night and given out to guests is a fun idea and provides your guests with a great keepsake.  Another Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Idea is to have mobile phone cases or keyrings made on the night – with names/initials/colours/photos etc. all can be made bespoke.   Another idea are bead bars / jewellery making.  All of the above can also be personalised with logos from the night as well and make a great going home present.

Finally a very popular Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment Idea is Food Entertainment which takes so many forms.  In the reception, you could hire dressed champagne tables, where someone can wear an outfit that holds loads of champagne glasses.  Or you can have an aerial acrobat in a hoop pouring drinks and performing.  Other food entertainment ideas include popcorn, candy floss, ice cream stands, pick n mix, donut walls, hot dogs, bubble tea and crepes.

The thing you must bear in mind with all these Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah Entertainment Ideas, is that they are add-ons.  They are certainly not a necessity to have a great party and what you really need is a great crowd, who is ready to party!

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