Why have a Photo Booth at your Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah?


Why have a Photo Booth at your Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah?

Photography has progressed significantly in the last few years – long gone are the days of having a disposable camera on the table for guests to take fun photos!  The photo booth has become a firm favourite at Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs, weddings, parties and corporate events.  No matter if you’re in a hotel or a local hall, photo booths are a brilliant way to let you and your guests be creative and show their personalities, whilst giving you funny memories of your celebration.  So the big question is why should you have a photo booth at your upcoming Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah?

  1. The first reason is fun fun fun!  Photo booths provide great entertainment for you and your guests – posing with props and signs will keep everyone entertained from children to Granny!   Yes there is a DJ to keep the tunes coming on the dancefloor, but when people need to give their feet a rest, the Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah photo booth will keep the party spirit up.
  1. Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah photo booths provide guests a brilliant keepsake from the special day as they get to keep the pictures they’ve taken. So there’s no need to spend money on other thank you gifts and it’s a great memory as they can see what fun they had at your Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah.  Make sure you include your Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah date and name so they can remember where they were when the amusing pictures were taken!
  1. Although you have hired a professional photographer to capture the special moments of the party, from the big entrance to being raised on a chair, but what about Granny with a pink feather boa and a #awesome sign?! A Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah photo booth will create and capture memories you otherwise would not have and will bring people together in a unique way.
  1. Posed photos of the Barmitzvah boy or Batmitzvah girl and the family are wonderful and will be treasured forever. But there’s no rule that you can’t have some un-planned, un-edited pictures from the party too.  So get the parents, grandparents and kids and create a photoshoot with a difference! And remember, you can customise the background to make all the pictures different.
  1. Planning a Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah is a lot of work – but a photo booth is one part that requires little organisation. Plus a staff member will be with the booth the whole time to ensure everything runs smoothly, leaving you to relax and enjoy every moment of your celebration.

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