Having a Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah in Hertfordshire

Having a Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah in Hertfordshire?

Hertfordshire has a thriving Jewish Community, and is a major centre of Jewish life in the UK.  Situated just north of London, it is also the perfect place to hold a Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah party for those who do not want to travel into Central London for their function.

There is a wide range of synagogues in Hertfordshire.  There are multiple synagogues in the Hertfordshire area to choose from to have a Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah including United, Reform, Masorti and Liberal.   This includes areas such as Watford, Borehamwood, Elstree, Radlett, and St.Albans.   There are also many Synagogues in North West London just a short drive away.

Actually, Hertfordshire hosts one of the fastest growing of Jewish populations in the UK.  The Jewish population of Hertfordshire has increased by 26%, from 16,885 in 2001 to 21,345 in 2011.  (Based on results from the latest census).  Elstree & Borehamwood is the fastest growing Jewish community in the UK

Additionally should you wish to have your Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah party in Hertfordshire there is a great choice of venues. Because of its location there are many suppliers based in and around London that will be more than happy to the Hertfordshire area.

Hertfordshire offers a diverse range of outstanding venues – including five star hotels as well as stunning character country venues (such as Sopwell House and Aubrey Park Hotel) restaurant’s, country clubs, football clubs and much more!  Aside from Central London Venues, Hertfordshire offers a huge variety of choice. A number of venues will provide for kosher caterers and some have preferred kosher caterers.  Alongside the choice of venues, there are a wide range of suppliers who regularly work in Hertfordshire.

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