Dress Codes for Barmitzvahs and Batmitzvahs

Dress Codes for Barmitzvahs or Batmitzvahs

When planning the perfect Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah, one of the concerns is what dress code should you have?  Should you have long or short dresses, jackets or no jackets, dark jeans or no jeans?  The quandary is endless.  But here are some ideas to help you get it right for your celebration.

Firstly you need to choose the right dress code for the Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah you have planned.  The venue you have chosen will give you a steer in the right direction on what is suitable.  For example, if you have gone for a posh hotel, smart/casual will look wrong, as will black tie in a basement nightclub!

“Black Tie” is very popular and is great if you own a tuxedo already.  But quite popular these days is to state “Black Tie, No Tie” so slightly less formal or “Black Tie Preferred” – takes the pressure of your guests if they don’t own the exact requirement.  By mentioning one of the Black Tie terms, ladies will know that long evening gowns are acceptable but so are cocktail dresses.  If a tuxedo is not preferred, the term “Lounge Suit” is used to let the guests know that any regular suit is acceptable. Here are some ideas of phrases to be used on your invitation:

Black Tie
Black Tie, No Tie
Black Tie Preferred
Cocktail Dresses & Sensational Suits
Cocktail Attire
Dress Beautifully
Lounge suit, no tie
Lounge suit, tie optional
Lounge suit & party dresses
Posh Party Dresses and Lounge suits
Red Carpet Glamour
Suits & Posh Frocks
Suits & Gorgeous Dresses
Suits and Sparkles
Sensational Suits & Fabulous Frocks

If you want a less formal look at your Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah party, there are plenty of other terms you can use to describe the dress code you want, or alternatively, you may be happy to let your guests make the decision for themselves.  The below ideas are all perfectly suitable should this be your requirement:

Dress to Party
Dress to Party (no jeans)
Dress to Impress
Dress to Impress (no jeans)
Party Chic
Blazers & Bling

Whatever dress code you decide on, you can be sure your Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah will be an incredible night and hopefully everybody will look fabulous!