THE BIG 1-2! Batmitzvahs in Israel

THE BIG 1-2! Batmitzvahs in Israel

The princess reached the age of mitzvoth, and it’s time for a big celebration in the Holy Land.  There are endless ways to celebrate, so let us lead you through the path of celebrating in Israel in a cross-generation trip!

Magical Journey:

We, at Liron Arbel Productions, takes the Bat Mitzvah girl and her family on a personal journey full of the finest Israeli experiences, for once in a lifetime bonding tour. The journey links Israel historical periods, Judaism and tradition alongside Extreme sports, culinary, boutique hotels, art, landscapes and beaches.

The Western Wall, hot air balloons, rafting, RZR trips, volunteering, archeology, accommodation in trailers parks, compass tracks, diving with dolphins and musical activities – These are all just a part of the adventures you can expect when you choose us to produce your event. Get ready to have fun, excitement and relaxation.

Bat Mitzvah Event:

There is nothing more special than celebrating a Batmitzvah event in Israel with lovable family members and closest friends.  We were so pleased to discover that today’s modern girls are open to new fresh concepts other than the pink sparkle traditional Batmitzvah. Their intelligent way of thinking makes us want to go all the way and stimulate their senses in a way they never felt before!  They are so intelligent and special and that is why we like to stimulate all of their senses.

Locations: a private villa, urban venue in Tel-Aviv, on the beach, at the foot of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, forest or desert. Israel is full of designed and boutique venues for your event, it`s our job as event planners to locate those unique places for your event.

Music: Performances by top Israeli artists, drumming show with an amazing collaboration including the Batmitzvah girl, great DJs that will keep your guests happy and dancing.

Our events are a feast for the eyes, Designed tables and dance floor, flowers all over the place, candy bar, colorful giveaways for your guests. classic and chic but yet retains a youthful spirit.

Catering: Amazing chefs serving full of taste dishes from the highest quality raw materials, virgin cocktail for the children and the freshest colorful fruits kissed by the Israeli sun.

Content: Extreme sports, kayaking, beach activities, personal branding, karaoke, spa & makeup pampering, volunteering. We are telling the story of the true nature of the girl, every little detail of her strong character is reflected at her event.

Concepts: Garden Party of Alice in Wonderland, Caesarea beach party and extreme sport concept, a traditional event in Jerusalem, a small desert event and many more.  Every concept we produced has always been accompanied by Zionist values ​​and we incorporate the values of the girl and the family.

At “Liron Arbel productions” we bridge the generations and in honor of reaching the age of mitzvoth, enabling your daughter to understand and celebrate her identity in a fun, enjoyable and exciting way.

Content supplied by Liron Arbel – Wedding Planner in Israel