Unique different and personal Barmitzvah present

Are you wondering what to give a Barmitzvah boy to celebrate his transition to Jewish adulthood? Barmitzvah presents often consist of money and a Barmitzvah in the 21st century can be very lucrative. However if you would like to consider a Barmitzvah present that is different and unique and personal why not consider one of the presents or gifts listed below.

We hope that this gives you something different to consider. Of course, these presents may also be useful for Batmitzvah gifts as well and there are often Batmitzvah variants.

Barmitzvah Signature Plate

This is a plate that can be signed with the special pen, before being presented to the Barmitzvah Boy. Signature Plates are PERSONALISED gifts – Friends, family and colleagues write messages on the Signature Plate with the special pen provided. A fantastic and special reminder of your special day.

Matanot Gifts

The Matanot collection offers a variety of gifts perfectly suited to mark this happy occasion, including menorahs, kiddush cups, havdala sets, tallit bags and clips. You may even want to commemorate this lifecycle event with a Torah portion from the collection of illustrated Torah sidrot.

Tallith bag and Teffilin bag set, Velvet with Embroidery

Why not visit your local Jewish store and buy a Jewish gift that can be kept for life? Here is one beautiful Tallith Bag & Tefillin Bag Set. It is Royal Blue Velvet with Embroidery of Hebrew words Tallith, Teffilin. There is embroidery in silver and Blue and it is Made in Israel. This really is a beautiful and special gift

Lladro Barmitzvah Day

Another gift is a beautiful Lladro Barmitzvah Day sculpture made in Spain.It is a stunning porcelain figure – Size: 20×13 cm. Again a memorable gift for life and a stunning porcelain gift