Planning a Barmitzvah in Israel

Are you planning a Barmitzvah In Israel or are you researching the possibility?

We all know that hosting a Barmitzvah in the UK can be very expensive. Did you know that celebrating a Barmitzvah in Israel could be more affordable? Additionally celebrating your Barmitzvah in Israel is very special.

Celebrating a Barmitzvah or a Batmitzvah in Israel provides a young man or woman with an unbreakable link with what it means to be Jewish.

The great opportunity with Israel is the broad range of unusual and beautiful locations, including, in the holy city of Jerusalem or in ancient synagogues.

Of course The Western Wall is a popular choice as a venue for Barmitzvah and Batmitzvah celebrations since it symbolizes Jewish spirit and history. This really ensures it is a truly memorable occasion. Barmitzvah services are held on Monday and Thursday mornings when Torah portions are traditionally read. Services at the Western Wall are in the Orthodox tradition, and men and women have separate prayer areas.

Did you know that The Israel Ministry of Tourism provides a beautiful certificate to Barmitzvah or Bat Mitzvah celebrants? The certificate includes the celebrant`s name in personalized calligraphy, and is signed by both the Minister of Tourism and, if the ceremony takes place in the capital, also by the Mayor of Jerusalem.

You may be unsure about celebrating in Israel due to the unknown local information and being based in the UK is not the ideal base for planning a Barmitzvah in Israel!

How will you find the best venue? How will you ensure the design and layout is exactly what you envisaged? How will you get the most exciting music? How can it be made unique and special? Will your overseas guests feel comfortable? And most importantly, how will you cope with the Israeli vendors?!! (This latter one is often the most intimidating!!)

Planning a Barmitzvah in Israel is made much easier by using local expertise and knowledge and a supplier that has vast experience in this area. For suppliers based in Israel, click here