The London Swing & Soul Band

With Ashkenazi and Sephardi heritage, the bandleader of The London Swing and Soul Band delights in exploring both the contemporary and traditional repertoire that creates the perfect atmosphere of delirious dance-offs and mesmerizing mazeltovs so characteristics of Jewish weddings. The London Swing and Soul Band is possibly the most eclectic, interactive and soulful collective of musicians in the UK. Their guest singers include the best soul talent, as well as a Bandleader who sings in 9 languages (inc Hebrew, Yiddish, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian). Its brass section is known for bringing together the hottest players who perform at the UK’s finest Jazz venues, as well as alongside international celebrities such as Beyonce, Jamie Cullum & Stevie Wonder. Founded by the Musical Director of Caffe Concerto and The RAC Club, Daniel Benisty and his co-bandleaders have the talent to make your Simcha memorable. Can manage full production or work with third party. Web:The London Swing & Soul Band Telephone: 07828 978 067